Dan Diamond– Managing Partner

KAOS Connect, LLC


Dan Diamond, Managing Partner of Kaos Connect. LLC is a tech-savvy executive with over 30 years of executive experience and success in the network broadcast, cable, film and entertainment industries.  His highly unique set of diverse skills across multiple business disciplines led to the creation and development of consumer entertainment at National CineMedia (NCM) under the brand Fathom Events.  A proven leader, Diamond’s strategic vision and leadership were critical success factors in his role as senior vice president of business development, entertainment programming and marketing.  Diamond was a driving force in the creation of an entirely new entertainment category leading to the transformation of movie theatres into “local community event centers.” His visionary leadership and ability to leverage and integrate numerous strategic partnerships while creating win-win scenarios, all led to the acquisition and execution of hundreds of successful “in-theater” entertainment events. During his tenure, Fathom Events evolved from a business development concept to exponential growth and profitability generating annual revenues in excess of $35 million while been named the World’s Leader in Alternative Cinema Content” (“Event Cinema”) by Screen Digest in 2011.

Among the most notable Fathom “events” that transpired under his guidance were concerts such as: Eric Clapton’s Crossroads, Prince, KISS,  the Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Josh Groban and Celine Dion; classical arts events such as internationally acclaimed pianist Lang Lang, Yo Yo Ma, the Bolshoi, Royal Opera and New York City Ballets; performing arts events highlighted by a series with Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber including “Les Mis,” “The Phantom of the Opera,” “Love Never Dies” and renowned stage performances featuring the works of Shakespeare from The Globe Theatre and “A Street Car Named Desire” from London’s National Theater along with many others; major film anniversary events including “Lord of the Rings,” “West Side Story,” “Casablanca,” and the “The Wizard of Oz”; socially relevant, interactive events such as “I.O.U.S.A” featuring Warren Buffet, “Bold and Fresh Tour” featuring Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly, “Monumental” & “Unstoppable” featuring Kirk Cameron“Patterns of Evidence” with Meteor17, “Irreplaceable” and The Dropbox” in association with Focus on the Family, Rise” in partnership with United Stated Olympic Figure Skating and “E3 Live” in partnership with Spike and Sony; children’s programs, horror classics, sports events including the last seven (7) Floyd Mayweather title bouts in partnership with HBO and Showtime, UFC fights, the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the 2011 Wimbledon Women’s and Men’s Finals; 3-D events including Peter Gabriel,  “Giselle”“The 50th Anniversary Celebration of Doctor Who” in partnership with the BBC; and in its tenth, record breaking season, The Met Opera: Live in HD Series in participating movie theaters nationwide

Prior to creating Fathom Events Diamond served as a director of creative services in both the NBC and CBS station groups where he led on air product, production, creative services, sales, promotional and marketing efforts.  Additionally, Diamond has been at the forefront of technology innovation/implementation including serving as director of Interactive Cable Broadcast Operations for US WEST where he played a key role in developing the world’s first fully interactive television network (FSN) in conjunction with Time-Warner and Tribune Broadcasting.  Additionally, Diamond’s work in broadcast and music has been recognized with multiple Emmy awards.

Before embarking on his career in broadcast television, Diamond founded and operated successful businesses in the production, studio, music and golf industries including the production of two “top 40” recording artists and the creation of  the world’s first, subscriber based video magazine, “Golf Shots”, named by People Magazine as a top 5 “business” to watch during that time.

Shelly Maxwell, Managing Partner of Kaos Connect, LLC, is a seasoned exective with 30+ years of experience in programming, production, management, logistics, operations, P/L management and Event creation for broadcast television networks, motion picture exhibitors, and content creators/providers.  Most recently Maxwell led the Fathom Events division of National Cinemedia (NCM) which which quickly grew to annual revenues of nearly $50 $50 million.  Best known for her tenacity, energy, creativity and strategic thinking, Maxwell’s impact for the company was immediate and lasting and her diverse skill set drove strong top and bottom line results, fostered team work and improved efficiencies across multiple departments including consumer entertainment, business sales, logistical operations, communications and marketing.

Under her strategic direction and leadership, Fathom Events experienced explosive growth with top-line revenues soaring by a resounding 15-25% year-over-year.  Additionally her skillful P&L management continually grew bottom-line profitability.   Over the years, Maxwell’s strong business acumen led to increased EBITDA and cash flow contributions to NCM’s bottom-line resulting in the highly profitable sale of Fathom Events in December 2013.

Shelly Maxwell – Managing Partner

KAOS Connect, LLC

Her dynamic leadership in developing alternative content events in movie theatres (now termed “Event Cinema”) was acknowledged on an international stage in 2011 as Fathom Events was named “World’s Leader in Alternative Cinema Content” by Screen Digest.  Maxwell and her team transformed the use of movie theaters by offering consumers “one-time-only special events”  by establishing and fortifying on-going relationships with key partners including:  Disney, Warner Bros., Paramount, Sony, Universal, Lions Gate, New Line, BBC America, The Metropolitan Opera, NBC, CBS, TCM, ESPN, HBO, Showtime, The History Channel as well as Fortune 500 business brands such as:  Microsoft, Intel, Wells Fargo, Waste Management, 31 Gifts, Mary Kay, Macy’s  and many others.

With a creative drive and an affinity for “start-ups”, Maxwell is a highly successful executive with a proven record of accomplishment in building success throughout all of her endeavors including serving as Senior Vice President of programming, production & on-air strategy for Scripps Networks’ Shop At Home Network and as Senior Vice President/General Manager of operations for Qwest Digital Media.  Maxwell’s successful career in entertainment is rooted in broadcast and cable television where she held several executive positions.  These included Senior Vice president – programming/production with America’s Voice Cable Network in Washington, D.C. and Vice President/General Manager of the WB’s WNAB-TV in Nashville, TN where her turn-around strategies resulted in increased ratings, bottom-line results and a 30 million dollar profitable sale of the station.

Additionally, Maxwell has written and produced Emmy Award-winning non-news programs and thousands of hours of live, daily talk shows for top networks including ABC, CBS, WB and FOX in the Tampa Bay, Washington and Nashville markets.