At KAOS Connect, we create and distribute business events on multiple platforms that lead to highly efficient, on-going communication and commerce between content producers, brands, organizations, and their customers resulting in extremely engaged, loyal and passionate communities who remain continually connected to each other, the content and the brands who engage them.

At KAOS Media, customer participation is at the center of a 360-degree multiplatform event experience. We create direct conversations with the customer wherever they choose to consume media, gather information, and purchase merchandise resulting in increased engagement, convenience, activation, and highly efficient ROI.

KAOS Media merges technologies to provide a powerful, efficient and cost-effective platform will engage, teach, inform, and energize your network of sales consultants.

Connect and converse directly with your entire network simultaneously to:

  • Introduce new products
  • Increase participation
  • Share solutions/ideas & answer questions in real-time
  • Acquire and train new members
  • Motivate and energize
  • Maximize ROI

At KAOS Connect, we create live events that utilize proprietary technologies enabling businesses to connect with other businesses, customers and thousands of employees directly and simultaneously.

This proprietary set of technologies includes the end-user in the experience in a cost-effective, convenient and dynamic manner.

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How we can help you…






The KAOS Connect Solution Includes…

Direct HD video-to-video interaction online with unlimited end-user participation:

  • Real-time content streaming
  • Live video Q&A
  • Immediate product offerings/merchandise sales
  • Interactive polling with immediate results
  • Critical information downloads
  • Live social streams and real-time feedback
  • Brand/sponsor integration
  • Direct linking to pre-specified locations
  • Embedding of links to carry messaging through to any and all social media platforms

Back end analytics:

  • Track and report user participation
  • Measure length of engagement by user
  • Gather sales information
  • Build databases
  • Understand KPI’s and other custom designed data

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