KAOS Connect drives results by transforming ordinary content into extraordinary experiences through LIVE, interactive events that connect people, organizations, brands and content worldwide.

Our mission is to create LIVE, interactive events that can be distributed individually or simultaneously on multiple platforms, leading to highly efficient, on-going communications, training and commerce between organizations, content providers, their associates, audiences and customers.

KAOS Connect is owned and operated by two seasoned media executives Shelly Maxwell and Dan Diamond (see BIOS), who have extensive experience and proven success in cable, broadcast and in-theatre live-event programming.

In their most recent corporate positions as Executives of a public advertising and media company, Maxwell and Diamond are credited with the success of creating and building the world’s preeminent EVENT CINEMA business. In fact, in 2011, Screen Digest named them the “world leaders of Event Cinema” as they transformed movie theatres into places where communities could gather together to experience unique entertainment and infotainment, not just traditional films.

KAOS Connect is the next step in the evolution of the event experience, making LIVE EVENTS more accessible and engaging both on–and beyond–the Big Screen.